Starting the New Year with less of a bang and more of a saunter

As much as I love Christmas, I also love cleaning up after Christmas. Once Dec. 26 hits, I am ready for all the decorations to come down.

I’m also ready for New Year’s resolutions. This year’s theme is “prioritize my time.” I want to do a better job spending any spare time enjoying my kids. I haven’t done a good job giving my extra time to my children—when I have a few unscheduled minutes, I want to spend them on myself. So I haven’t been reading with them or playing games with them like I should, and I regret it. This year I want to view everything through the lens of prioritizing my time with my kids in mind.

Here are a few other things that’ll make 2019 better:

New pajamas. My sister bought me monogrammed pajamas, and I’m convinced they are the universal best gift ever. Show me a gal who isn’t overjoyed to own a pair of PJs like this, and I’ll show you a mutant. Real pajamas make every evening lovelier.

Unsubscribing from email lists. My inbox is 95 percent garbage from companies trying to sell me something, so I took 15 minutes to unsubscribe from mailing lists. It’s pretty easy—just open the email, scroll to the bottom, and click “unsubscribe.”

New books. I’m looking forward to reading The Radium Girls and Far from the Madding Crowd. I’ll let you know how they rate.

Displaying instead of storing art. I switch out my art seasonally, and I’ve always stacked the unused stuff in the basement and on the floor until the next six months roll around. Not anymore. Our basement office is now covered in art hung salon-style—I love it, and the room looks much less messy.

What little tasks are you tackling this January? And what are your 2019 goals? I’d love to hear your strategies for achieving your goals too. •

4 thoughts

  1. I make goals that start at different times in the year so I don’t have to change everything in January. For example here are a few goals, January is about organization, spring has goals for my garden, the summer has family trips, and in the fall I make our family yearbook and start working on writting questions for my end of year trivia party. I was inspired by The Happiness Project a few years ago.


    1. This is such a good idea that’s new to me. I might copy some of your goals! I love the idea of feeling productive throughout the year instead of overwhelmed at the outset. Thanks for sharing.


  2. It is hard for me to find a balance in my life too, all that I have to do, spending time with my kids, and doing things for myself. I always make goals to read books too and spiritual goals. I need to do some organizing too!


    1. I listened to a talk the other day that said we fill our time with mostly selfish things. But if we don’t take care of ourselves as moms, how can we take care of our families? When the tank is empty, there’s nothing left to give. It’s hard to find the right balance. Thanks for commenting, as usual. 🙂


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