Tour tickets on sale now!

Today is a big day, one I’ve been looking forward to for months.

Tickets for the Historic Homes for the Holidays tour are now available for purchase. Click here for info.

Please plan to attend this event. It benefits such a wonderful cause, and it’ll introduce you to a dozen historic homes, each one well loved and well maintained.

And today I’d also like to introduce the final home added to the tour. Meet Betty Jo:

This house is unique in that it’s a preservation—that means the kitchen and main-floor bath were never torn out and have been lovingly restored to look as they did many, many years ago (read her story here). It’s one of the most inspiring homes I’ve been in, and I hope you’ll get to meet the homeowners while you’re in their house.

In fact, all the homeowners will be in their homes to answer questions and meet visitors during the tour. These are warm, generous people, and I’m confident you’ll just love them and their homes.

So please go order your tickets! I look forward to meeting you soon. •

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