A meditation update: 11 days in

On June 11 I invited all the moms out there to join me in meditating in an effort to stay calmer this summer. My own plan was pretty simple: four days a week, three minutes of deep breathing, and clearing my mind as much as possible.

You guys! I can’t describe the physiological change I experienced even the very first day. Every afternoon for the last few years, I’ve felt like an animal was trying to claw its way out of my chest, and that disappeared. Disappeared! Do you realize what a huge change this is?!

I have had one grouchy day in the last week and a half, which is much better than eight or nine grouchy days in that same period like I used to have.

Now I’m seriously considering getting my kids on board for some individual deep breathing with Mom. I’m optimistic that it will make our summer go smoother and prevent meltdowns like the one my daughter is having in the bathroom even as I type this post.

Anyway, any successes for you guys? Any struggles? Are you trying guided meditation or simply setting the timer and focusing on those deep breaths? And are any of you hooked yet? •

One thought

  1. That’s incredible. Sounds like I better try it so the afternoon Mom Hulk can calm down😏
    Cosmic kids is a super fun yoga channel on YouTube. I bet your twins would especially enjoy it.

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