Tried-and-true doll patterns for those feelin’ crafty

Since my daughter was born, I’ve made a doll for her each Christmas. Every year I ask myself if I’m some kind of masochist for choosing this tradition, but once she sees the doll and gives it a hug, I tell myself, “Okay, maybe you can force yourself to do this ONE MORE YEAR!” And so it goes.

The patterns I’ve used have been easy to make and oh-so cute. So for those of you crafty types interested in making handmade gifts this Christmas, here are the patterns I’ve used and can endorse:

Greta doll


Raggedy Ann


Soft woolen bunny (this pattern is a free download!)


Ballerina doll

One quick tip: Only use high-quality felt for these projects. I’ve ordered beautiful, but pricey felt here, and it holds up well. The less expensive your felt, the cheaper your dolls will look. I’m talking pilling for days.

This year, I’ll be making this horse, though I’ll adapt the pattern slightly to make a unicorn (you know, just adding a horn). Unicorns are all the rage with four year olds, don’t you know. Happy sewing! •


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